what we do
MindQ Inc., incorporated in the USA, is a Software solutions and IT consulting services firm committed to deliver best value and innovative software design and development services to major clients across The United States of America..

We execute projects for our client partners and translate their vision into measurable value with comprehensive proficiency of client requirement and market trend analysis. MindQ offers a wide range of services aimed at helping customers to support their businesses for competing successfully in marketplace. We provide valuable IT services with experienced IT management, strategy consultants, and managers to our clients. MindQ Inc provides exclusive expertise to offer timely and cost-effective software development test management service. MindQ Inc aims at delivering state of the art custom software solutions and consulting services that create transformational outcomes for our customers, improving their efficiency, reducing cost and delivering innovation.

Our Services

  • Enterprise Server Technologies
  • Information Security and Compliance
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology Assistance
  • Network and Telecommunications Services
  • Project Management Office
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Our Specialization

Client-Server Applications
Web Applications
ERP Systems
Quality Assurance & Testing
Project Management
Database Design
Database Administration

Some Features

High Quality

Our primary focus is to deliver high quality service. Our technical team works with you to streamline internal processes, increase productivity, and drive efficiencies with a proactive and personalized approach to ensure customer satisfaction.

Best of Technologies

We use the industry leading state of the art technologies to deliver improved efficiency, greater cost savings to customers. We provide reliable and affordable Technology services for businesses.

Best Service

We offer expert approach towards solution building based on with thorough insight into process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services.